From the very start of my time at IES Huarte, I have felt welcomed by everyone, staff and students. Even before I arrived in Linares, my fantastic coordinator (Isabel) helped me with any question or doubt I had, and, once here, gave me tremendous support  through the Spanish bureaucracy process.

I have enjoyed being an assistant in a variety of subjects and year groups, and have always been guided by the teachers I have worked with. When there have been topics that I have felt particularly passionate about, I have been given the opportunity to incorporate my own ideas into lessons.

Whilst at times it can be difficult to get all students to engage, working with the students is always fun. There is a wide range of English levels in the classes; however, I have found many students eager to interact with me in English. I have been encouraged, also, with the increase in confidence I have witnessed in some students who before felt embarrassed to speak and now will participate in the lessons.

Overall, my experience here has been extremely rewarding so far and I am excited for the next few months I still have in Linares. I feel like I have learnt a lot of new skills which I can transfer into my daily life and possibly into teaching in the future.